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Roscara — or Roscara Housing Association CLG to give the full name — provides homes for people with support needs throughout County Roscommon. We work in partnership with the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland in Roscommon to achieve this.

The Brothers of Charity Services Ireland provides services for people with support needs. We work in partnership with the BOCSI to ensure accommodation is suitable for people who wish to become Roscara tenants.

The Roscara story: More than 35 years building better lives for people with support needs

The BOCSI continues to provide support for people in Roscara housing.

Roscara’s housing is built to the highest standards with full accessibility for everyone who lives there. But at the heart of every Roscara building is a home — somewhere warm, comfortable and relaxing.

Roscara was founded in 1994. We now have 23 properties that are home to 59 people. The funding for these houses comes from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government through Roscommon County Council.

Our name, Roscara, is derived from the words Roscommon and cara, meaning friend. It is the intention of everyone in Roscara that we fulfil our mission in Roscommon at all times with the face of friendship.


Putting the pieces together
for quality housing options

We are driven to achieve the following: To provide a range of quality housing options in a sustainable manner to meet the needs and
wishes of people with support needs in partnership with other housing associations, generic services and the community in Roscommon.

Roscara is a not-for-profit charitable organisation.